About Us


Company AvaCom

The Company focus is to provide high ROI to our clients through placing ads on various platforms such as DSP platform, Facebook, Google ads, Yandex, Yahoo/Bing and partners. The company is headquartered in Oslo in Norway. We have offices in Germany, a technical department in Berlin, design department in Brasil and support in Spain.

We understand how essential it is to keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge and technical expertise to help perform our jobs effectively and efficiently. Due to this we have established our own technical department in central europe, to focus on being informed of new ways to boost Sales for our clients through new platforms and established platforms. Smartads AS work with different solutions to suit customer needs. Through our research and experience of online marketing, we can now offer all our customers to work with us on commission based payment. We have agreements with several agencies for tracking of leads and sales, if there is a need for this. For more information on how we can increase sales to your website, and cut down your expenses on advertising, please contact our traffic department.